• 1. The restaurants request that you present the Coup Card before you ask for your bill; photo ID required; one card per table.
  • 2. Discount extends to a maximum of four people (so if you're a party of ten, you will get 15% off on 40% of the bill).
  • 3. Discount not valid on happy hours, set meals & special events.
  • 4. Discount is not valid on delivery, except for Thai Crate and Bun Intended.


What is the Mini Coup?

The brand new Mini Coup is our leanest, meanest offering yet, a loyalty program that cuts out all the fat and focuses on getting you the best meals in Delhi at the best prices – i.e. 15% off every time you visit our partner restaurants, on food and alcohol.

How much is the card priced at?

Rs 125 a month (you have to buy it for a minimum of three months), plus 15% service tax. Seriously

How often is the partner list updated?

The partner list is updated every six months. Please note: there could be subtractions as well (but they’re rare).

How do I use the Mini Coup?

Present your Mini Coup passbook at a partner restaurant before asking for the bill along with your photo ID.

How do I pay for the card?

You can pay via your debit or credit card online on Citrus Pay, a super easy payment gateway - don't worry, we've checked them out!

What happens after I buy the Mini Coup online?

Once you have completed the super easy payment process, you will receive a receipt in your inbox confirming your purchase. We will then send you an e-card Passbook via email

What is the Mini Coup Passbook /Pass2U Wallet?

Passbook is a free app available on the iPhone (and on Android as Pass2U Wallet). We will send you a digital Mini Coup card via email, which you can download and use at all our partner outlets. However, photo ID will still be required.

Is the card transferable?

The card is non-transferable, but we will issue up to two free cards for your immediate family members (they should share your last name). To avail this facility, remember to enter their names in the two family card boxes at the time of purchase.

Can I buy the card as a gift?

Yes! You can buy as many cards as you like, but remember to add the card user's details during check-out.

Can I use the Mini Coup on brunch, set meals and happy hours?

No, the Mini Coup is not valid on brunch, set meals and happy hours.

Can I use my Mini Coup at Bangalore & Mumbai partner restaurants as well?

Yes you can.

What privileges does this card not entitle me to?

This card does not entitle you to free entry or free gig tickets at any of our partner restaurants. It also does not mean that you will get a table over other customers or be exempt from making a reservation. Sorry, we tried!

What if I have a problem redeeming my discount?

If you have any problem redeeming your discount, you can call the Mini Coup hotline on +91-7738934888 or email .

What happens if one of the partner restaurants backs out?

In the rare event that this happens, we will do our best to replace this restaurant with another one. No refund will be made in this case.

Who is running the Mini Coup program?

This program is run by Brown Paper Bag in partnership with Poppy Fields Pvt. Ltd.

Questions? Call us at

+91 7738934888