Because making plans feels optimistic. Also a good way
to support restaurants / bars during the shutdown.

Your Move

Buy a gift certificate from a restaurant (or 5)
and use it anytime in the first 6 months after
the restaurant opens. Or send to a friend!

Get 15% off the certificate amount (so you pay
Rs 425 for a Rs 500 certificate; Rs 850 for a Rs
1,000 certificate; Rs 1,700 for a Rs 2,000
certificate). Scoup members get 25% off the
certificate amount.

Help bring a little upfront cash to your
favourite restaurant / bar / coffee spot (think
of it as a tiny loan).

Our Move

100% of all income goes directly to the
restaurants; we don’t keep a cut.

Revenue is transferred every week, to ensure
better cash flow.

Scouped Up certificates are applicable on
everything (food & alcohol); no blackout

buy certificate

Rs 500 / Rs 1,000 / Rs 2,000

participating partners

  • Americano
  • Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters
  • Bombay Salad Co.
  • Bombay Vintage
  • Bonobo
  • Gustoso
  • Jamjar Diner
  • Kala Ghoda Cafe
  • Koinonia (Bandra)
  • Masque
  • The Pantry
  • Perch
  • Qualia
  • Rue du Liban
  • Sequel
  • Woodside Inn
Renew / buy

₹ 5,000 + GST annually